Statement from YFA’s Board of Directors

Youth and Family Alternatives (YFA) is, and will always be, committed to providing the very best service for all of the children and youth in its care, including the most troubled.  

In recent days, there have been several unfortunate incidents leading to the termination of YFA’s case management contract in Hillsborough County by Eckerd Connects, the regional Community-Based Care agency.  We deeply regret the occurrence of these incidents and wish to reassure the community that we have been engaged and will continue to be engaged in addressing these concerns.  

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YFA's Foster Care Case Management Program Says "Thank You" to the Hernando Community

YFA's Foster Care and Adoptions staff Audra Freeman, Katie Cappucci, and Lindsey Copeland were instrumental in reaching out to the Hernando County community for Christmas gifts to our children who remain in their homes or are placed with relatives.  According to Melissa Atkinson, Program Director, these three coordinated with the other case managers in acquiring wish lists, tracking, picking up and sorting the gifts for the entire program.  Melissa states, "They are phenomenal!"

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